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The solid tire improves the heat generation function of the tire, so that the heat generation of the tire is greatly reduced. The solid tire and the rim are press-fitted together through an interference fit. The excessive heat generation of the carcass will cause the tire slip ring to expand.

Ordinary tires and all-season tires are wear-resistant, but in winter, especially below zero degrees Celsius, the traction of the tires will be relatively reduced, and there will be slippage in the face of icy and snowy roads. The rubber composition is higher and not wear-resistant.

Solid tires have the advantages of good rigidity, high hardness, good stiffness, small deformation, small expansion coefficient, and low heat generation, so the slip ring phenomenon caused by the expansion of the hub caused by the heat generation of the tire is basically eliminated. A tire anti-skid ring is a tire anti-skid device provided for cars driving on ice and snow roads.

It utilizes the protruding tufts of the tread and the circular dimples on the tread, which greatly improves the grip between the tire and the ground, and has the characteristics of good anti-skid effect, no damage to the road surface, convenient installation and use, low cost and simple structure.

In addition to more protection work in vehicle design and configuration, careful operation is the key to preventing slippage when encountering special road conditions. Solid tires on slippery roads should be controlled more gently, always alert to possible accidents and emergencies ahead. When driving on the road in the rain, your shoes can get wet and easily slip off the pedals when you step on them. The soles of the shoes should be dried on the car carpet before starting the engine, and all car drivers should regularly check that the headlights, taillights, brake lights, and turn signals are in normal condition.

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