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A solid tire is a tire corresponding to a pneumatic tire (hollow tire). Its substance is solid. It doesn't need a rope as a skeleton, and it doesn't need inflation. Solid tires do not pose a danger to tire bursting. Next, Zhejiang Kunrong Rubber Technology Co., Ltd will introduce the characteristics of solid tires in detail.

1. Excellent safety performance is conducive to improving work efficiency. Since the solid tire matrix is ​​composed of all rubber, the penetration resistance of the tire is guaranteed to the greatest extent, and the tire penetration during loading and running of industrial vehicles and in harsh working environments is guaranteed. hazard. The load deformation of solid tires is fundamentally eliminated, and the running stability is good. Because of its puncture resistance, tear resistance, and no need to inflate, it avoids the heavy labor of frequent tire repair and tire replacement, and improves the use efficiency and work efficiency of the vehicle. Solid tires can replace pneumatic tires on low-speed, high-efficiency vehicles.

2. Reasonable structural design ensures better performance of tires. Effective solid tires adopt advanced tertiary structure design, three composite materials to ensure the overall performance of tires, high rigidity, high strength base rubber and steel ring support, It not only ensures the rigidity of the tire, but also ensures the tightness of the tire. The rim fundamentally eliminates the slip ring problem of solid tires; the high elastic intermediate rubber effectively absorbs the vibration generated when the vehicle is running, has a comfortable driving performance, and avoids damage to the vehicle; the thicker the tread rubber layer, the better the tire. The more secure it is; tear and abrasion resistance improves performance. CE life of solid tires.

3. Advanced technology and formula design. The production of high-efficiency solid tires adopts the advanced technology of British industrial tire manufacturers. With more than half a century of production history and experience, the rubber formula design maximizes the performance of tires. In particular, the rubber base materials are imported from abroad and have high rigidity and low calorific value composite materials. The heat generation and temperature rise of the tire during operation are the lowest, and the heat resistance of the tire is improved at the same time, which can solve the serious problems of solid tire expansion, slip ring, and burst caused by the temperature rise. The advanced formula design reduces the rolling resistance of the tire.

4. In solving the advantages of tire slip rings, falling blocks, cracks, etc., imported fiber rubber is used as the tire base material, which improves the heat generation performance of the tire and greatly reduces the heat generation of the driving tire. The rims are pressed together to cause the tire slip ring to expand due to the overheating of the matrix. The fiber glue has the advantages of good rigidity, high hardness, good rigidity, small deformation, small expansion coefficient and low heat generation, which fundamentally eliminates the heat generated by the tire. The slip ring phenomenon caused by the expansion of the hub.

5. The impact of structural changes on tire performance, by widening the tire section of the snap-in structure, the stability of vehicle operation is enhanced.

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