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Low-speed heavy-duty vehicles such as forklifts, forklifts and other industrial social vehicles operate in harsh environmental management conditions, with sharp and uneven road surfaces. Under this background, solid tires that can be used in the assembly process need to have better characteristics. No matter in the selection of materials, or even in the production process, it must be combined with the actual use needs. Then, what is the uniqueness of the rubber layer processing technology in the production and processing of solid tires?

Adding steel wire mesh between the inner tube body and the solid tire tread can improve the strength and tightness of the tire, making the tire more load-bearing. Again, the material of the inner carcass is recycled rubber, so that the rubber industry waste and old rubber tires can be turned into treasures, and the limited resource management can be reused in a cycle, which is beneficial to the environmental protection of enterprises; at the same time, due to the rubber The inner carcass is covered with polyurethane elastomer tire rubber, so that the toxic chemical substances contained in the rubber inner carcass cannot be migrated and researched, so that the product design of the tire company itself is environmentally friendly.

The outer tire is wrapped with an inner tube inside the outer tire, and the inner tube is covered with a mesh layer and a rubber layer outside the mesh layer. The rubber layer near the tire axis has a concentric coil of steel wire with the tire. Granules mixed with binder.

The rubber layer tread is made of polyurethane as an elastomer tread, which has good elasticity, strong wear resistance, good grip, low rolling development resistance, energy saving, and reduces carbon dioxide emissions when the enterprise vehicle is driving, realizing the tire Safety and environmental protection that can be used.
Solid tires have the characteristics of environmental protection, energy saving, consumption reduction, manufacturing and use cost reduction, and have great promotion and application value.

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