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Solid tire tread is punctured by sharp objects and nails. The main reasons for the impact on the tire are:
When driving on a road with poor road conditions, the tire may hit deep pits or other foreign objects, causing the tire to be severely squeezed and deformed between the impact object and the rim flange, causing the sidewall cord to break, and the air inside the tire will A bulge will be formed from the broken yarn. In addition, it is also possible that the tires scratch against obstacles when hitting the road and parking, which may also cause damage to the sidewall and appear "bulging". Although there is a bulge, it will not affect the driving of the car.

Solid tires also have many advantages. The biggest advantage of solid tires is that they have strong bearing capacity and will not puncture. Therefore, it is still very useful in some special places such as engineering vehicles, construction sites, forestry, metallurgy, airports, ports, etc. It is not afraid of overloading, puncturing, and scalding. Use in these special places can improve the safety of vehicles. Of course, the speed of cars in these places is very low.

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