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The main raw material of solid tires is a special rubber material, which is all solid except for a small hollow to maintain the center of gravity during production. At present, solid tires can also be used for fixed-position machinery in addition to high-load vehicles or machinery traveling at low speeds. When many friends use solid tires, they will fall off. What's going on? Below we will take you to understand the five reasons why some solid tires fall off:

1. After the solid tire vulcanization time is up, the mold is not opened in time, resulting in over-vulcanization and aging;
2. The solid tire rubber is mixed and heated unevenly;
3. Poor thermal insulation of the embryo, and insufficient sulfur caused by temperature fluctuations in the vulcanizer;
4. The actual use environment is poor, causing the tire to be cut by external force;
5. Corroded by chemicals during application.

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