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Economical; deep tread pattern design greatly improves tire usage and prolongs usage time. It will not break the tire, avoid the waste of tire repair fee and puncture, and save the cost.
Safety: Good high temperature resistance and low heat generation make the tires still have good safety in harsh environments. Low compression deformation, high recovery characteristics, the tire still maintains good operating performance under high load conditions. It is composed of low heat generation and cutting-resistant materials, and it still has better load capacity under long-distance and long-term construction.
In addition, the inside of the carcass is completely filled with elastic colloid, no matter where it is used, there is no tire breakage or puncture. And there are equal and the same colloidal coordination, which can completely avoid the above situation, and can effectively increase the safety requirements no matter what the operation is.
The solid tire adopts the front three-stage structure design, and the three kinds of rubber materials respectively ensure the overall performance of the tire. The high-rigidity and high-strength base rubber and steel ring support not only ensure the stiffness of the tire, but also ensure the tightness of the tire and the rim, which fundamentally eliminates the sliding ring problem of solid tires.
Timeliness: Forklift solid tires have high load performance, which can reduce the cross-sectional area of ​​the tire and the contact surface, greatly reduce tire wear, increase vehicle flexibility, and improve work efficiency. The characteristic of not breaking the tire can avoid the idle time wasted by vehicles and personnel when the tire is broken or repairing the tire, and increase the working energy.

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