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Due to the low temperature, the rubber of forklift solid tires becomes more brittle and less elastic. When the vehicle is left overnight or parked for a long time, the manufacturer of forklift solid tires reminds you that you should slowly lift the clutch pedal to start smoothly, and drive at a low speed for the first few kilometers. , After the temperature of the forklift tires rises, drive normally. If the vehicle has been parked on ice for a period of time, the ground contact may be frozen, so be extra careful when starting to prevent the tread from being torn. When the vehicle is parked in the open air for a long time in a severe cold area, in order to prevent the forklift tires from freezing with the ground, wood or sand should be placed under the tires.

Some people tend to think that the tire pressure of the wheels in winter should be lower to increase the contact area between the tire and the ground, thinking that the friction will increase, which is safer. In fact, this kind of thinking is no longer suitable for the current situation. In the past, the tire pressure of car tires was generally high, and it is correct to lower the tire pressure in winter; but due to the needs of comfort, the normal tire pressure of current vehicles is already relatively low. If the pressure is lowered again, the tires will be easily damaged. Therefore, the tires of winter vehicles should be stamped according to the standard.

When the tire pressure of the vehicle is low, the tire will deform greatly, that is, the friction surface with the ground will be increased. Especially when driving at high speed, because the speed of the tire increases, the heat generated by friction makes the local temperature of the tire rise sharply, and the tire blowout is very likely to occur. Compared with pneumatic tires, forklift solid tires have the advantages of high safety, puncture resistance, tear resistance, wear resistance and long life. They are ideal replacement products for pneumatic tires in the field of industrial vehicles. With the development of industrial vehicles and the improvement of solid tire production technology, this type of tire has been used more and more widely.

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