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With the rapid development of industry, more and more forklifts have joined the moving army. Industrial materials can range from hundreds of catties to heavy ones. Choosing pneumatic tires is likely to have the risk of blown tires, and repairing tires is time-consuming and laborious. For heavy labor, choosing a solid tire with a full rubber structure will help save a lot of time and cost.

After using solid tires for forklift trucks for a long time, you will find that the pattern is worn out, and you will worry about whether the forklift tires can still be used? The following is answered by the solid tire manufacturer.

The main function of the tire pattern is to increase the friction between the tread and the road surface to prevent the wheels from slipping, which is exactly the same as the sole pattern. The tire pattern improves the ground contact elasticity of the tread. Under the action of tangential forces (such as driving force, braking force and lateral force) between the tread and the road surface, the pattern blocks can produce large tangential elastic deformation. As the tangential force increases, the tangential deformation increases, and the "friction effect" of the contact surface is also enhanced, thereby inhibiting the tendency of the tread and the road to slip or slip. This largely eliminates the disadvantages of non-patterned (smooth tread) tires that are easy to slip, making the car performance related to the friction performance between the tire and the road surface - power, braking, steering and driving safety. Normal performance has a reliable guarantee. Studies have shown that the factors that generate friction between the tread and the road surface also include the adhesion between the two surfaces, the molecular gravitational force, and the micro-cutting effect of the small-sized asperities on the road surface, etc., but the main effect is still Elastic deformation of tread blocks.

The forklift solid tire is composed of three-stage rubber material, high rigidity, high strength base rubber and steel ring support, which not only ensures the stiffness of the tire, but also ensures the fastness between the tire and the rim, and fundamentally eliminates the slippage of the solid tire. The high-elastic intermediate rubber can effectively absorb the vibration generated when the vehicle is running, which has comfortable driving performance and avoids damage to the vehicle; the thickened tread rubber layer ensures the tear resistance of the tire. It improves the service life of solid tires; the crown is the tread pattern part, which is processed from natural rubber and has super wear resistance, toughness and elasticity. It is the main contact part with the ground to ensure the normal and safe operation of the vehicle. , there is an obvious safety line at the transition part between the pattern block and the carcass. Generally, the tire can be replaced when it wears down to the position of 0.1-1CM on the safety line. There are potential safety hazards such as skidding and failure to brake. At the same time, the tire elasticity will be obviously insufficient, resulting in increased body bumps, and damage to the front and rear axle housings will increase maintenance costs.

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