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Trailer solid tires have been used for a long time, or when they are damaged, we need to replace them again. When replacing the solid tires of the trailer, the correct installation method must be adopted. The following five points are the precautions for the installation of the solid tires of the trailer:

1. When replacing tires, standard rims should be selected, and it is strictly forbidden to replace deformed or damaged tires.
2. Before combining the solid tires of the trailer, the rim and tires must be cleaned first to ensure that there are no debris.
3. When assembling, you can use rubber lubricant or soapy water to wipe the bead lip rim flange, but avoid using oily lubricant.
4. Pay attention to the fitting situation, and it is forbidden to force the installation when it exceeds the normal range.
5. The combination of rims and tires needs to be operated by specialized personnel in the tire industry, please do not combine them by yourself.

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