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The service life of tires is generally 50,000-100,000 km, which is very flexible. So how to use solid tires correctly to make them last longer?

Reasonable replacement of tires can prolong life
Many drivers use the four tire companies and will not replace them after all. In fact, this is not good for the tires. Generally, when the vehicle is running, the front wheels are prone to eccentric wear due to the influence of lateral resistance and braking devices. The rear wheel is more fatigued due to the heavy load, especially when passing the driving wheel. Therefore, changing the tire position in time can make the wear consumption and fatigue average, and promote the service life of the tire. Some experts said that reasonable transposition can extend the service life of tires by 20%.

It is better to replace the front and rear crossovers
For general enterprises, there are two different ways to replace and industrially produce tires. One teaching method is to swap the left front tire and the left rear tire, and the right front tire and right rear tire can be swapped; the other way of life It is cross-exchange, that is to say, the left front tire is replaced with the right rear tire, and the right front tire is replaced with the left rear tire. Relatively speaking, the latter research method is better.
As for the number of kilometers of work exchange, some different models of "Vehicles Can Use Management Manual" suggest that front-wheel drive vehicles should be transposed every 8,000 kilometers, while four-wheel drive control vehicle information requires us to Change position every 6000 km.

Spare tire can also be used as a replacement tire
Many drivers tend to only think about the spare tire when their car has a punctured or punctured tire. In fact, if the specifications and structure of the spare tire are the same as the tires that can work normally on the car, a more scientific and reasonable method is to develop and analyze the cross-position of the spare tire together, so that the wear severity of the five tires can be determined. It is very uniform and will not cause waste of spare tires.

Forklift solid tire tires should be added with talcum powder in summer
In order to prolong the service life of the tire, there are many conditions that need to be paid attention to. For example, the problem of tire wear intensifies in a hot summer, and it is necessary to pay attention to cooling the tires when driving. However, do not release the air pressure, or use cold water, you can stop in the shade to cool down on the way, try not to keep the car in the sun, and, to remove it regularly, add a certain amount of talcum powder to prevent internal and external tires bonding.

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