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When the tire pressure of the forklift is unstable, it shows that there are many factors causing it, and it will also bring great harm to the forklift itself. How to effectively solve the stability of the tire pressure of the forklift? First of all, we should know what are the reasons for the unstable air pressure.

① Excessive air pressure will seriously wear the center of the forklift tire, which will also affect the service life of the tire, reduce the contact surface with the ground, reduce the adhesion, and affect the braking effect. Rigidity increases, and the vibration of the body becomes larger, which will cause the steering wheel to vibrate and deviate, and will also reduce the driving comfort. At the same time, the vibration will also indirectly affect the life of other components, and it will increase the tension of the tire cord, which is easy to be broken. When driving on an uneven road or encountering an obstacle, it is also prone to explosion due to the impact force fetal condition.

②If the air pressure is too low, the contact surface between the forklift tire and the ground will increase, and serious wear will occur on both sides. Body delamination, tumor, easy to cause the occurrence of blowout accidents.

Therefore, in order to effectively ensure the normality of forklift tires, in addition to the need to purchase or replace high-quality tires, Huaying checks the air pressure and tread conditions before driving. When driving 10,000km, it is necessary to adjust the front and rear and cross positions of the forklift tires. This can better protect the tires.

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