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Forklift solid tires are solid tire products specially used for forklifts. They have excellent wear resistance, oil resistance, fatigue resistance and vibration resistance, and can play an effective guarantee role. However, in order to better use forklift solid tires, the following safety application points should be paid attention to:

1. If the spare tire is different from the current solid tire, it can only be used temporarily, the driving speed should not be too fast, and the standard solid tire should be replaced in time after the work is completed;
2. When replacing the solid tires of forklifts, they should be replaced in pairs, and try to use the same pattern;
3. Solid tires with a service life of more than six years can only be temporarily used in emergency situations, and the speed should be controlled when driving to drive safely;
4. When the forklift starts, the tires turn suddenly from a static state. If the starting speed is too fast, it will cause severe friction with the road surface and accelerate tread wear; when emergency braking occurs, the tires and the road surface will slip and drag, resulting in high temperature and heat on the tread , so it is necessary to master the operation skills.

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