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How to choose the right type of forklift tire? The following are some suggestions of Zhejiang Kunrong Rubber Technology Co., Ltd: The forklift tire factory recommends that you choose suitable forklift tires for the working conditions and environment.

You can choose the appropriate tire type according to different working conditions and use environments;
1) For example, when working outdoors, the road conditions are good, and the working distance is long (500 meters or more), it is recommended that you choose pneumatic tires. Although solid tires can basically avoid the safety hazards caused by pneumatic tire blowouts, it is difficult to withstand long distances. Internal heat generation from distance, uninterrupted operation;

2) In more cases, it is recommended to use solid tires. In addition to the need for air pressure maintenance of pneumatic tires, solid tires do not have the safety hazard caused by puncture of pneumatic tires. Good solid tires are cost-effective and maintenance-free. It is much better than pneumatic tires in many aspects, such as longer replacement cycle; under the working conditions of moderate working strength, distance and load, solid tires with side holes with higher shock absorption effect are better considering safety and safety. A good choice for comfort;

3) For forklifts that carry out handling operations in a clean room, it is recommended that you choose light-colored solid tires without imprints, which can greatly reduce the obvious black marks left on the ground by the forklift during load transportation, especially when turning, emergency stop and emergency braking;

4) In the working environment with hazardous chemicals or the risk of dust explosion, it is extremely important to choose run-flat tires with special formulations. The static electricity generated when the vehicle is running can be directed to the ground in time to avoid potential safety hazards caused by the accumulation of static electricity. When choosing run-flat tires, Shandong Forklift Tire Factory recommends that you select and assemble under the guidance of professionals.

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