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Tires play a very important role in various parts of automobiles, and have a great impact on various driving performances of automobiles. The use of polyurethane tires is becoming more and more popular. Today, Zhejiang Kunrong Rubber Technology Co., Ltd will introduce to you why polyurethane tires are called green tires. Rubber tires are exposed to short service life, poor wear resistance and tear strength during use, especially truck tires, which often lead to tire blowouts due to their limited load capacity.

In order to make up for the shortcomings of rubber tires, polyurethane tires are produced. The reason why polyurethane tires can make up for the shortcomings of rubber tires is that polyurethane elastomers are ideal materials for green tires.

In terms of its Young's modulus, polyurethane elastomer is a polymer composite material with high hardness of plastic and high elasticity of rubber, mainly including polyurethane compound rubber, polyurethane casting rubber, polyurethane water latex and polyurethane heat. plastic. Compared with rubber, polyurethane elastomers have superior wear resistance, higher tear strength and elongation and a wide range of hardness. In particular, the cast polyurethane elastomer is the most wear-resistant elastomer at present. It has the advantages of high wear resistance, colorability, high cutting resistance, excellent oil resistance and chemical resistance, and is non-toxic to the human body. It is not necessary to add carbon black, so polyurethane is an ideal material for making tire treads.

In addition, polyurethane tires have good vibration absorption and shock absorption effects, very large load capacity, and extremely ideal resistance to oil and other chemicals. Because polyurethane elastomers have special physical and mechanical properties that other polymers do not have, they are widely used in many aspects such as national defense, light textiles, transportation, oil fields, mining, machinery, construction, and medical care.

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