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Solid tires are a type of tires corresponding to pneumatic tires (hollow tires). Mining, engineering construction and cargo handling, etc. With the emerging development of my country's industry, industrial vehicles have increased significantly, and waste solid tires have also increased. Waste tires are harmful solid waste, known as "black pollution", which has caused great obstacles to the construction of ecological civilization in our country. Therefore, it is urgent to effectively deal with these waste tires.

The existing waste tire treatment methods are:
1) Overall regeneration. Tire retreading refers to a technological process in which old tires are partially repaired, processed, and re-applied with tread rubber, and then vulcanized to restore their use value. Waste tires can be used as ship buffers in wharves, as road protection fences or water and soil conservation fences, and as noise-absorbing partitions in buildings. This reuse method will neither cause waste of rubber resources nor cause re-pollution of the environment.
2) Manufacture of reclaimed rubber. Reclaimed rubber refers to the rubber that can be re-vulcanized after the waste rubber is crushed, heated, mechanically treated and other physical and chemical processes are made to make its elastic state into a plastic and viscous rubber.
3) Production of rubber powder. Rubber powder is used in the rubber industry, directly formed or combined with new rubber to make products; the other is used in modified asphalt pavement, modified asphalt to produce waterproof membranes, and used as a coating layer and protective layer in the construction industry wait. The crushing process for producing rubber powder includes ozone crushing, high-pressure blasting crushing, and low-temperature fine crushing.
4) Pyrolysis and incineration. Pyrolysis is the use of external heat to open chemical chains and break down organic matter into valuable chemical products such as fuel gas, aromatic-rich oil, and carbon black. Tires have a high calorific value. Waste tires can be used as fuel in cement kilns and can be used to generate electricity.

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