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Rubber solid tires are often used in industrial vehicles. To be used under high loads, the rubber material is required to have sufficient pressure resistance and wear resistance, high enough modulus stress, high hardness and good wear resistance. So what kind of rubber material can make solid tires achieve the above performance? Let the solid tire manufacturers tell you the answer below.

In conventional tire production, there are roughly two types of rubber materials. Natural rubber ensures the softness of tires at low temperatures. The disadvantage is that the raw material of natural rubber, that is, the latex sap obtained from rubber trees, is limited; and Synthetic rubber can be manufactured into various components, which can just meet the performance requirements of the finished tire, but the disadvantage is that the softness of the rubber at low temperature is reduced. The main purpose of adding carbon black is to increase the wear resistance of the tire and help to improve the rubber adhesion performance during vulcanization. In addition, there is also the assistance of the steel reinforcement ring for rigidity.

The carcass of the solid tire is an all-rubber structure, and the main raw material is a special rubber material. Except for a small hollow in the middle, all of them are solid. The use of tires on vehicles uses the elasticity of the rubber carcass to weaken and absorb the impact that the wheels bear when they rotate.

Solid tires completely eliminate the risk of tire blowouts during operation, and do not require routine maintenance, so they are widely used on high-load industrial vehicles. However, solid tires are very bulky, just like we wear hiking shoes when running, which weakens the flexibility, and the handling is not very good after being installed on the car, so it needs to be improved.

In low-speed, high-load working environments, solid tires can completely replace pneumatic tires, and are superior in safety, reliability and stability.

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