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The role of the surface pattern of industrial solid tires:
The main function of the tire pattern is to increase the friction between the tread and the road surface to prevent the wheels from slipping, which is exactly the same as the sole pattern.

The pattern design on the surface of the tire improves the ground contact elasticity of the tread. Under the action of tangential forces (such as driving force, braking force and lateral force) between the tread and the road surface, the pattern blocks can produce large tangential elastic deformation. As the tangential force increases, the tangential deformation becomes larger, and the "friction effect" of the contact surface is also enhanced, thereby controlling the tendency of the tread and the road to slip or slip. This largely eliminates the disadvantages of non-patterned (smooth tread) tires that are easy to slip, making the car performance related to the friction performance between the tire and the road surface - power, braking, steering and driving safety. Normal performance has a reliable guarantee.

Studies have shown that the factors that generate friction between the tread and the road surface also include the adhesion between the two surfaces, the molecular gravitational force, and the micro-cutting effect of the small-sized asperities on the road surface, etc., but the main effect is still Elastic deformation of tread blocks.

The use of different pattern designs also greatly affects the overall performance of the tire, and different patterns represent different product positioning. For ice and snow roads, cement roads and better gravel and dirt roads, tires with ordinary pattern treads and gravel roads should be used. Cars often drive on asphalt marine concrete roads, which can improve the drainage capacity when passing through wet roads, improve the friction of tires on bad roads, and make various patterns of different shapes to help tires dissipate heat and prevent lateral slipping of car tire treads The role of the pattern is to increase the adhesion between the tire and the ground. You should choose tires with off-road treads, loose soil roads or other roads with poor road conditions. PILOTSPORT3 is a sporty pattern. Usually, the "comfortable pattern" in car tires The design pays more attention to reducing the noise generated by the blocks hitting the road surface.

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