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How do solid tire manufacturers judge tire service life and wear?
Generally speaking, the service life of tires in normal use is 4 to 5 years. After 5 years, even if the wear of the tread pattern is small, it should be replaced, because the rubber of the tread will age due to time, and many small cracks are caused. Causes of blowouts.

However, the relevant state departments have not yet made special regulations on the shelf life of tires, because the service life of tires will vary depending on the tire rubber formula, vehicle environment and driving habits. So this requires us to pay more attention when driving, and there are signs of tire aging. For example, most of the aging parts of the tread appear from the edge of the bead or shoulder. Long-term exposure to the sun and rain will cause small cracks in circles on the rubber surface. These cracks indicate that the bearing capacity and quality of the tire at this time are not good. It has begun to decline, and it has to be replaced in advance in order to reduce the risk of tire blowout.

In addition to aging, tires are also subject to natural wear and tear. Therefore, before the factory tires leave the factory, the wear limit will be marked on the sidewall to indicate the real-time wear status of this tire. For tires without wear marks, we can also use calipers to measure them. Generally, tires with a groove depth less than 1.6 mm cannot be used anymore, because the drainage performance and anti-puncture performance of the tire will be greatly reduced at this time. In addition, if a tire has been patched three or four times, we recommend that you switch the tire to a non-drive or rear wheel to reduce the risk of a flat tire.

Of course, the life of the tire has a lot to do with whether it is used normally or not. First of all, we must ensure that the tires are always under normal tire pressure. Too low or too high tire pressure will bury hidden dangers to tire safety. What needs to be reminded is that don’t believe what your eyes see, because most cars now are equipped with tubeless low-pressure radial tires. Sometimes it looks a little flat from the outside, but it doesn’t mean that it must be deflated. Professional tire pressure Instruments are the way to check tire pressure. In addition, when testing the tire pressure, it must be under the condition of cold tires. If it is a hot tire measurement, the measured value must be subtracted by 0.3PA to be accurate.

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