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Solid tires and corresponding tire rims are interchangeable and used during inflation. However, the loading and unloading of solid tire rims needs to be completed with auxiliary teaching tools (tools) on the working press. In order to ensure the safety and accuracy of the system installation process, the following rules should be followed:

1. Choose the right tire press
At present, the commonly used tire presses in my country are 120 tons, 200 tons, 250 tons, 300 tons, 350 tons, etc. A suitable tire press should be selected according to the students' own needs.
2. Inspection of tires and rims
Check the fit of the tire and the rim, the same size tire, the width of the rim is different. Please confirm when installing. The inspection of the rim mainly includes whether the rim is defective and whether there is burr. If there are burrs, it needs to be smoothed, otherwise the hub will be easily damaged, which will affect the installation and use.
3. In order to ensure the smooth installation of Chinese tires and reduce friction with the rim, during installation, the inside of the tire's hub and the outer surface of the rim should be sprayed and coated with lubricant. The lubricant can be selected from some commonly used soapy water, Washing powder, water, etc., can be used as a special mechanical lubricant for tire companies if conditions permit, but not necessarily lubricating oils commonly used in industrial technologies such as greases, etc., because they will swell rubber and damage tires.
4. When the tire is placed on the rim, its head should be flat and should not be skewed, otherwise it will be difficult to install and swing left and right during use. The rim must be in place and the bolts must be tightened, otherwise there is a danger of slipping easily or separating the rim.
5. According to the standard requirements, when the tires are loaded, the same axles must be used with the same specifications of the same manufacturer, and cannot be mixed with pneumatic tires.

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