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Nowadays, there are many kinds of car tires. The most widely used one is pneumatic tires. In fact, there are many kinds of tires besides pneumatic tires. Solid tires are one of them. Maybe people rarely see solid tires, but they are all around us. Today, Zhejiang Kunrong Rubber Technology Co., Ltd will introduce you to solid tires.

Introduction to solid tires
Solid tire is an industrial tire suitable for low-speed, high-load running vehicles. In addition to the characteristics of pneumatic tires, it also has the advantages of low starting resistance, simple structure, convenient use and maintenance, small maintenance workload, no need for inflation, no Air leaks and punctures. Therefore, the safety, durability, puncture resistance, tear resistance and economy of solid tires are better.

Application of solid tires
Solid tires are mainly used for industrial vehicles such as low-speed and high-load hoisting vehicles, traction vehicles and flatbed trucks, such as various forklifts, port and airport trailers, etc. Military, construction machinery and other fields, but also widely used in medicine, food, paper, textile, electronics and other fields.

1. Pneumatic tire rim solid tire
Solid tires mounted on rims for pneumatic tires.
2. Steel rim press-fit solid tire
Tires that are vulcanized on endless metal belts and then pressed onto matching wheels.
3. Bonded solid tire
Tires vulcanized directly on the running wheel.
4. Solid tire without imprint (green tire)
Solid tires that do not leave marks on the ground, especially brake marks, during use.

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