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Everyone is saying that you should regularly check the tires, tire pressure, tire temperature, air leakage, etc., and try to avoid tire blowouts. Then someone asked: Don't you need to worry about these if you make it directly? Now let's talk about why the tires don't need to be solid.

1. Features of solid tires
The biggest advantage of solid tires is that they are wear-resistant, so you don't have to worry about tire pressure and air leakage. Another point is that solid tires can carry more load than pneumatic tires. Finally, in terms of the aging speed of rubber, solid tires must last longer than radial tires, which can meet the long-term use needs of vehicles working in harsh environments.

2. Reasons why solid tires are rare
But why did radial tires replace solid tires? The previous rubber tires were indeed solid, but they were not comfortable in use. As the saying goes, a shoe weighs one kilogram and a person weighs five kilograms. The same is true for tires. Solid tires are definitely heavier than the current radial tires, which will cost more. Oil. Furthermore, the solid tires are not comfortable enough, the bumps during driving are more intense, and the cost is higher.

3. Unstable
When the tire is running at high speed, it is too late to restore the deformation, and it is possible to generate a standing wave on the carcass, which will cause the tire temperature to rise sharply and cause the tire to burst. Solid tires are more prone to this phenomenon, and there have been cases of tire chipping in tests using solid tires.
In addition, the solid tire increases the unsprung mass. The larger the suspension mass, the slower the suspension system responds to changes in the road surface, which has a great impact on the dynamic performance of the vehicle.

4. Application of solid tires
In fact, solid tires have not completely disappeared. For example, the tires of some forklifts and other models, the lift wheels on the plane use solid tires.

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